Tuesday, April 24, 2018

How To Become More Resilient and Not Give Up On Yourself Easily!

 Have you ever tried to learn a foreign language or some new skill and after few weeks of trying you gave up because you got busy or lost your motivation or simply got frustrated because it did not seem that you were making any progress?  Imagine instead of quitting you had made a commitment to yourself to practice that skill or studied that language for just 5 minutes, 5 days per week no matter how little progress you were making!  You would simply practice or studied for at least 5 minutes 5 days per week without judgment.  If you started doing that one year ago, do you think you would have mastered whatever skill you were trying to master or learn whatever language you were trying to learn by now?   Most likely yes and if you had not completely mastered it, you would have been well on your way.  Don't you wish you had made that commitment now?  Here is a quote I read once that made a huge difference in my life:  “Don't underestimate the potential of a small amount of time put to good use on a regular basis”  I live by this rule.

You need to apply the same type of thinking to your weight loss efforts.  Let me explain.  As you already know by now, the only way to achieve sustainable weight loss is to change the habitual behaviors that got you overweight and the only way to change habitual behaviors is to focus on changing one behavior at a time.  So far so Good?

As you are working on developing a new habitual behavior make a commitment to yourself that every day you would do something towards the development of that behavior, no matter how small the action is.  So for example, let say you were trying to develop the habit of doing more aerobics.  Make a commitment to yourself that you would walk on the treadmill or outside for at least 1 minute 5 days per week.  Don't judge yourself if you are getting any benefit from it or not, just do it judgment free.  Before you know it, the 1 minute becomes 2 minutes and then 5 minutes and so on.  Before you know it you will be doing 20 and 30 minutes habitually.

As you are working towards the development of this behavior you will have negative thoughts that would try to convince you to stop because you are not getting any results from just doing 1 or 2 minutes of aerobics.  Remind yourself that if you quit your efforts to develop this behavior and the rest of them, a year from now you would be looking back at this moment thinking, “If I only stuck with the program and did not quit, by now I would have developed all the healthy behaviors that I needed to lose weight and improve my health and now I would be enjoying a lean and healthy body, instead of suffering the consequences of being overweight and out of shape” You would be wishing you had a time machine that could take you back to this moment to convince yourself not to quit.    So do yourself a favor and don’t quit.

So, every time you think of quitting your efforts to develop a healthy behavior or eliminate an unhealthy one, think of how you would feel a year from now, about your decision to quit today?  Remember, there will be days you will not feel motivated to workout or to eat right, on those days just do enough to keep the momentum going.

The focus should always be to do at least something toward the development of the behavior you are working on, it does not have to be big.  Nobody has the perfect schedule when you have more time or you are more motivated do more, but when you don't have that much time or lack motivation do less, but always do something.  By doing something every day, that trains your subconscious mind to take over the behavior and make it habitual.

Do you remember how you learned to ride a bike?  I am sure you fell down few times, but you did not quit, why?  Because you knew it was only a matter of practice before you mastered the skill of riding the bike.  The thought that you might not be able to learn to ride a bike did not cross your mind or if it did you parents or whoever taught you to ride, dismissed the idea right of way and reinforced the idea that you could. Well, developing and making habitual any other behavior is no different.  Just keep practicing the behavior you want to make habitual the best you can, yo

u will mess up from time to time, but sooner or later you will master it just like you have mastered many other skills that you have today.  We all need a little encouragement from time to time, and that is the purpose of this report on the Right Mindset, to remind you that yes you can develop or eliminate any behavior you chose to, all you have to do is keep practicing.

Stavros Mastrogiannis is a sustainable weight loss coach and has been working in the weight loss field for over 25 years.  He is the creator of a revolutionary weight loss system which he teaches at his facility  Live Your Way Thin LLC, which is located in Danbury CT and also through his online coaching program.

Wednesday, February 7, 2018

We Have The Solution To The Weight Problem, But It's Hard to Get The Word Out!

Let me start with a question.  Why do you think we were able to figure out how to send a man to the moon and back safely, but we can’t figure out how to solve our weight problem?

The answer has a lot to do with the difference between the reasons why the space agency was trying to travel to the moon and back and why most of the companies involved in the weight loss industry are trying to solve the weight problem.
The space agency was trying to send a man to the moon and back because the US government asked them to do so and they were paying for it.  In addition, if they solved that problem, they would stand to make a lot more money in the future.  The government did not give the space agency any restrictions on how they needed to accomplish that goal.  They were free to use whatever technologies or materials they need it in order to achieve that objective.
On the other hand, most of the companies involved in finding a solution to the weight problem are companies that make their money through the sales of their products, not the government.   For example, diet companies like Jenny Craig, Nutri-System, and Weight Watchers are owned by food companies and make most of their money through the sales of food.  NordicTrack makes most of their money selling exercise equipment and companies, like GNC, make most of their money selling supplements.  So, although I am sure, all of these company are looking for the solution to the weight problem and truly want to help people, they are only interested in a solution that would increase the sales of whatever they are selling.  If a solution does not involve their product, they have no interest in that solution and  I can't say I blame them.  So you see, although they are all looking for the solution to the weight problem, they are not free to come up with any solution that would fix the problem, like NASA. The solution must include what they are selling. 
This is why the space agency was able to get us to the moon and back but the weight loss industry is still not able to definitively solve our weight problem.
In most cases, whatever those companies are selling, is part of the solution, but not the complete solution.  So, yes, you do need to exercise, but exercise only plays a small role in weight loss and fitness.(Much smaller than people are made to believe). But if I am selling exercise equipment, I would focus on promoting the exercise part as the most important part.  Here is another example:  Although the foods you eat do play a role in weight loss and health, what plays a much bigger role, is how long do you allow your body to go without food.  Allowing your body to go without food for a period of time is extremely beneficial to your health and weight and this is a proven fact.  How come you never hear this from most weight loss programs?  Well, most of the popular weight loss programs are owned by food companies like Nestle, and Heinz.  It is not in their best interest for people not to eat.  So their weight loss programs only focus on telling you the benefits of eating their food, but they will not tell you about the benefits of taking a break from eating. 
The end result, is you have all these weight loss programs that offer only part of the solution, but they are promoted like they are the complete solution.  This is why the weight loss industry is full of misinformation and half-truths that only produce temporary results.  Now you know how in the past 25 years, although we have more than doubled the amount of money we spend on weight loss products and services, the obesity rate has almost tripled from around 12% to over 36% today and over 70% of the population is overweight.
How Can We Solve The Weight Problem?
The simple truth is that we already know what needs to be done in order to lose weight and improve our health, and there are many people and small companies like mine, that is teaching the truth to people and are making a real difference in their life.  The reason we were able to solve the weight problem was because we are only selling information.  
Since we are not selling supplements, food, or equipment, we are not limited to how to solve the weight problem.  Our only objective was to come up with the best way we could help people lose weight, get in shape and stay in shape. The better our solution worked the more informational products we could sell.  But just because you have the answer it does not mean you can make a difference.  You need to get the answer out to the people who need it and that is where we have the problem.    
Big companies spend millions of dollars every year on marketing and promoting what benefits the sales of their product and also suppress any information that could hurt the sales of their products.  We, on the other hand, have a very limited marketing budget and can't compete with the big companies, so our message gets drowned in the sea of weight loss misinformation and half-truths.  Yes, our message does get through to some people but not enough to make a difference in the weight loss battle. 

Our solution to the weight problem is called the Live Your Way Thin System and it's unlike any other weight loss program on the market today.  With our program you will be able to lose weight and more importantly keep it off without counting calories, points or measuring your food, also without long and hard workouts that leave you in pain.  To learn more visit our website: www.LiveYourWayThin.com

Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Why People Can't Keep The Weight Off After They Lose It!

Currently, around 95% of the people who lose weight, regain the weight back.  The main reason why most people regain the weight back it's because, most weight loss programs on the market today don't help people make permanent changes in their lifestyle habits, only temporary one. 

Here is a fact everyone needs to know about achieving sustainable weight loss and health.  The only way to achieve sustainable weight loss is through permanent changes in your lifestyle habits.  The best way to make permanent changes in your lifestyle habit is to first change the way you think.  Changing the way you think is the first step to changing the way you act.  To help people change the way they think so they will have a better chance of achieving sustainable weight loss, at Live Your Way Thin we have created The Right Mindset for Sustainable Weight Loss Mini-Course and we offer it for free to everyone who wants sustainable weight loss.

 The Mini-Course is completely Free and anyone can sign up.  No catch! It is our way of giving back to our community. The Mini-course consists of 5 email and each email covers 1 of the 5 factors that make up The Right Mindset for Sustainable Weight Loss.  If you have been thinking of starting any type of weight loss or fitness program, go through this mini-course first.  It could be the difference between sustainable weight loss or temporary!

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Stavros Mastrogiannis
Founder of the Live Your Way Thin System

Thursday, December 21, 2017

How To Stick to Your New Year's Fitness Resolution For Life!

Do you have a fitness related New Year’s resolution?  If you do, read this article!

Every year, millions of people set a new year's resolution to lose weight and to get in shape and unfortunately the vast majority of them fail.

So, the question is, why do so many of them fail?  Is there something wrong with most people, or is there something wrong with most weight loss and diet programs?

The answer is the latter.  There are a lot of things wrong with most weight loss and diet programs but especially the way they approach weight loss.  They expect people to change overnight.  They don't take into consideration the fact that people are creatures of habit.  Did you know that according to cognitive neuroscientists, 95% of the things we do and think are controlled by our subconscious mind?  In other words, they are habitual behaviors.  Consciously, we only control 5% of our daily actions. 

So, if you want to lose weight and keep it off, whatever you did to lose weight has to become a habitual behavior.  In other words, you have to train your subconscious mind to take over all of the actions you took to lose weight and get in shape.

The way most diet and weight loss programs approach weight loss, makes it impossible to make the new actions habitual.  Since your subconscious mind can't take over those actions, it is only a matter of time before we burn out and quit, thus regaining the weight back.  This is one of the biggest reasons why 95% of people who lose weight gain it back.

Do you want 2018 to be different?  Do you want this New Year to lose weight and keep it off for life?  If you do, here is the only way.  Whatever you do to lose weight has to become a habitual behavior and the only way to create new habitual behaviors is to introduce the new behaviors into your life, one at a time. 

In other words, figure out what habits you need to develop in order to lose weight.  Then pick one habit that you would like to develop first and start working on it.  Don't worry about the weight.  Weight loss will come sooner or later.  It is only a matter of developing enough healthy habits and also eliminating unhealthy ones.

This is the way I help people achieve sustainable weight loss with my Live Your Way Thin System for years, and the results have been amazing.  One of the things that many of my clients tell me about my approach is that it is very easy to follow.   It does not take as much effort (physical or mental) to stick with the program, which makes it very easy to make it part of your life.

Let me give you an example:  Let’s say you are overweight and you wanted to start eating better and also begin to walk more.  Some of your bad eating habits include eating too much junk food and you don’t eat enough fruits and vegetables.  I would first start with developing the walking habit.  Set yourself a goal to walk 4x per week for at least 5 minutes each time.  I know that 5 minutes of walking does not sound like a lot but by keeping the duration very short, it is more likely that you will stick with it long enough to make it a habit.  Think about it, if you made your goal to walk at least 30 minutes 4x per week, like many fitness professionals recommend, and you got home late and you were very tired, what is the chance of you getting on the treadmill and walking for 30 minutes?  Not very good, right?  

On the other hand, if your goal is to walk only 5 minutes, you are more likely to get on the treadmill.  Remember, your first objective is to get into the habit of walking 4x per week.  I don’t care how long you walk for.  Over time you will find walking becomes part of our daily routine, and you would also find that your 5 minutes of walking has become 10, 20, 30 or more minutes.  The difference here is that you chose to walk the extra minutes, you did not have to walk the extra minutes.  You feel very differently when you choose to do something than when you have to do something.

Once you get into the walking habit, start working on the next habit you want to develop or eliminate.  Let’s say now you want to cut down on the amount of junk food you eat.  My suggestion would be to make junk food special.  In other words, allow yourself to eat junk food only on the weekends and holidays.  I would never suggest that you completely eliminate junk food because that could backfire.  It is in human nature to want what we can’t have, so if you are a big junk food eater and all of a sudden you tell yourself that you cannot have junk food again, you will be craving junk food even more.  It is much easier to resist cravings when you know sometime in the near future you can have it. 

By the way overtime, you will find yourself eating less junk food naturally. (I am talking from personal experience and also from the experience of all my clients).  So, I would set my goal not to eat any junk food, Monday through Friday.  Just so you know, very few people can do it cold turkey, so expect to break this rule in the beginning.  My suggestion is to keep track, only Monday through Friday, of how many times you ate junk food.  Each week try to eat less junk food than the week before.  For example, if last week you ate junk food during the week 5 times, this week your goal should be to not eat junk food more than 4 times.  Once you get into the habit of not eating junk food Monday through Friday, you start working on the next healthy habit you want to develop, which in this example would be to eat more fruits and vegetable.  Again, start by keeping track how many vegetables you eat each day.  Each day, try to increase the number of servings you have until you get to the recommended number of servings.

My other advice is not to wait until the New Year to start working on your fitness resolution, I would start right now.   

“The best time to start a weight loss program was last year, the second best time is right now”

FREE GUIDE on How To Make Exercising a Habitual Behavior
This year, at Live Your Way Thin, to help people with their New Year’s fitness resolution, we are giving out a Free Guide on How To Make Exercising a Habitual BehaviorClick On The Link to sign up and receive your Free Guide.

If you have been thinking of starting an exercise program, read this exercise guide first.  It will show you how to approach exercising, so it becomes a habitual behavior and avoid burn out!

Stavros Mastrogiannis

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Tuesday, December 5, 2017

How To Put Your Weight Loss Program on Autopilot

Let’s say you were the only pilot of a modern passenger plane with all the latest technologies, and your destination was Fiji.  You were looking forward to an easy flight and a nice time on the beach once you got there.  As soon as the plane took off, you realized that the autopilot was programmed by the previous pilot to fly you to Antarctica and not to Fiji.  What would make more sense, take the time and reprogram the autopilot so it can take you to Fiji, or just grab the yoke and steer the plane to the direction you want the plane to go and fight the autopilot and fatigue the whole way there?  

Obviously, the best thing to do is to reprogram the autopilot to take you to Fiji so you would be free to enjoy the trip more and only have to check the autopilot from time to time to make sure is working correctly and has not deviated from its course. Then, when you arrive in Fiji, you can relax on the beach. 

Well, we all have an autopilot, which is our subconscious mind.  According to cognitive neuroscience, 95% of your daily actions and thoughts are controlled by your subconscious mind.  In other words, 95% of your daily actions and thought are habitual behaviors.  Only around 5% of your daily actions and thoughts are controlled by your conscious mind.  This makes perfect sense because our subconscious mind has, almost, unlimited processing power, whereas our conscious mind is very limited.   

Getting our subconscious mind to run most of our daily tasks frees our conscious mind to focus on the important stuff, like enjoying life. Think of your subconscious mind as the autopilot and your conscious mind as the manual control.  The problem with the conscious mind (manual control) is that it requires a lot of mental energy and it can only do one thing at a time.  So if you are focusing on your diet or to make sure you get your workouts in, you are not focusing on enjoying life.

If you look at the typical weight loss and diet programs they don't help you train your subconscious mind (autopilot) to develop new habitual behaviors.  Instead, they rely on your conscious mind to take all the necessary actions (manual control).  As I explained earlier, this takes a lot of mental effort, which, in most cases, leads to burnout.  This is why 95% of the people who lose weight regain the weight back with the current methods of weight loss 

If you look at the healthy regions around the world, all the things that they do that keeps them in shape, are habitual behaviors.  Basically, their fitness program is on autopilot.  My kind of fitness program!

Best way to achieve sustainable weight loss is to make habitual all the healthy actions you need to take in order to lose the weight you want.

This is the way we approach weight loss with our Live Your Way Thin System with great sustainable results and this is the way we strongly recommend everyone to approach weight loss.

Stavros Mastrogiannis
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Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Thanksgiving Advice & Tips

Another Thanksgiving is upon us with all the food temptations.  It seems to me that Thanksgiving has become a holiday about food and not about giving thanks.  Dont get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with enjoying the food; what is wrong is that the food has become the main focus.

Here are few tips to help you get through Thanksgiving meal:
  1. Keep in mind, the more food you eat, it does not mean the more fun you have.  
  2. If at the Thanksgiving meal you are serving yourself, (buffet or family style) put on your plate half of the food that you think you can eat.  You can always get more.
  3. Remember to eat slowly and mindfully.  Always put your fork down between bites and chew your food well.  By eating slowly and mindfully you will get more satisfaction from eating and you will end up eating less.
  4. Go to the Thanksgiving meal hungry, but make sure you eat slowly when the meal comes. 
  5. If you are serving yourself, the first time you go up to get food, get salad only, and then after you eat the salad go back for the main course.
  6. Dont forget to leave room for dessert.
  7. Keep in mind the consequences of overeating and how uncomfortable you will feel after. Why do that to yourself?  You can have a great time at Thanksgiving without having to stuff yourself.  
  8. Whatever you do, DON'T GO LOW FAT.  If you go low fat you will simply just eat more.  So just enjoy your food and try to stop eating when you have satisfied your hunger.

The only thing that was meant to be stuffed on Thanksgiving is the turkey!

Have a Great Thanksgiving

Stavros Mastrogiannis is a 25 year veteran of the weight loss field and specializes in sustainable weight loss. He is the founder of Live Your Way Thin LLC in Danbury CT and the creator of The Live Your Way Thin System

Monday, November 20, 2017

The Root Cause of Your Weight Problem

The Live Your Way Thin System
A day does not go by without hearing or seeing an ad for a weight loss product or service.  Although there are thousands of weight loss programs on the market today, we are still gaining weight as a nation and our health is getting worse.  How come?

Well, the reason is because most weight loss programs don't address the root cause of your weight problem.

You see, the one thing you need to realize is that you don't have a weight problem in the first place.  What you have is a behavioral problem.  Your current shape is the sum of all your past and current habitual behaviors.  If you are overweight and out of shape that is because you have more unhealthy habitual behaviors than healthy ones.  If you want to lose weight and get in shape, and more importantly maintain those results, you must first identify the unhealthy behaviors you engage in. (keep in mind, some unhealthy behaviors you might not be aware of them at all, so you might need to ask your friends and family for help).  In addition, you want to identify healthy behaviors you should engage in, on a daily basis.

Once you have done that start working on changing or developing one behavior at a time.  The problem with changing behaviors is that you can't change more than one behavior at a time.  If you don't believe me, just check all the popular weight loss programs on the market today that try to help people change all thier unhealthy behaviors all at once.  Over 95% of the people who lose weight with those methods, regain the weight back. 

If you want sustainable results, you must focus on changing one behavior at a time.   This is the way I help my clients lose weight with great success and I recommend everyone approaches weight loss the same way.

Stavros Mastrogiannis

Simple, Sustainable Weight Loss, Without fuss.